Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just Being Thankful !

I'm 11 days post -op and I'm feeling pretty good, i must say that although it's been hard and some very trying times i feel blessed and very thankful ! thankful that all my incisions are healing well and there is no infection, thankful that so far my body has not rejected the band. i have saw some pics and have read some threads that will make you just run and hide. I am truly Blessed right now and GOD knows it has been a hard road coming and still is both financially and mentally. but I'm counting my blessing right now because he has gotten me through and continue to make a way for me when it don't seem like it will be one ! I'm on week 2 of post-op liquids and it's starting to get hard as the mushie week peeks from around the corner. I've already had 2 tablespoons of mashed potatoes and to satisfy me mentally i chopped up 1 chicken nugget also. and when i heard of someone else i know being able to eat a cheeseburger after surgery i can clearly see how they did it, it's really no restriction before your 1st fill. and i can sort of understand why also, except my brain pulls back before going that far ! I've been through too much pain to sabotage my own surgery, plus i want to at least give my stomach the chance to heal properly first... like i said " I'll Always Have The Heart N Soul of a Big Gurl no matter how much smaller i get !

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