Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is This Bandster Hell ???

Is This Bandster Hell ??? This is week 5 post-op and it's starting to get a little ruff and shaky, it's really hard to stay on track and keep it all together the way you should. Especially with the Holidays coming and being able to eat solid foods again. Since I've been back to work it's been hard to make it to the gym or do my 45min walks like i use to. Also going back on solid foods is really tempting because it has once again satisfied those cravings that i use to have before. that satisfaction of just chewing something. I'm sure I've gained back a few lbs. hopefully it won't be too many by the time i get my 1st fill on Dec. 1st. I think I'm stuck in what they call "Bandster Hell' right now, where you can have solids but have not had a fill yet so you don't really have that restriction feeling. And i basically feel like i can eat the way i did before i was banded, but maybe a little less , and that to me is scary! I'm trying not to lose focus, I've really noticed how my clothes fit me now and actually i like the fact that my pants will fall off me if i don't wear a belt...lol I like the feeling that i had to pull out some of my previous too small garments to keep it all up and together..lol that's one thing that makes me excited everyday, and to know that I'm still in the beginning and haven't even begun to lose the way i know i can with this band. WOW, WOW, WOW,At the end of the day I'm just Fascinated !

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Fluffy said...

Everything you are going through is normal. And yep, I'd say what you described is pretty much bandster hell! Your fill is very very close though. Try to focus on the positive as you have in your post and make good food choices until you get your fill. Great work on the gym! Keeping the gym in the mix will definitely help you on your journey and make your clothes even looser! Do as much as you can during the holidays to keep going. Keep up the great work! You have made great progress!