Monday, December 1, 2008

Made It Through Thanksgiving..

Okay so I've made it through Thanksgiving Weekend and didn't do too bad. I've managed to eat everything i wanted and was able to stay at the same weight or somewhere around it. My 1st fill is today and I'm ready for it, I'm ready to not be able to get down some foods because i feel as if some times i lose control. i need that restriction to say stop when i feel i can't. i have already decided to go ahead and enjoy this Holiday and get the fill and start over fresh, pick back up where i left off! put the past behind me and move forward as a bandster starting today. I'm tired of making excuses to eat things i shouldn't have, such as" eat now because when i get filled it's over". if there is two things i hate more it's needles and throwing up, the needle part i can handle but the throwing up part is unacceptable especially if it's not necessary. So I'm ready for this fill and I'm ready for where this band can take me, so i say "Let it Begin".

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