Monday, December 22, 2008

2nd Fill

Well today is the day i get my 2nd fill and I'm hoping it will do the trick. it's perfect timing right before Christmas so i will not be able to over do it if i wanted to. Christmas will be when I'm able to go back to food( the test). i know they say just because you can get it down,it don't mean you should. but really now ! are you serious ? i am the size i am now because i have pushed the limit and tested the boundries. so that is easier said than done and will change with time. the truth of the matter is that i find myself even testing my band to see how much i can eat, and what it will take to make me reach my FULL status. i feel like that's what the Fills are for "RESTRICTION". i finally came out of denial and bought new under garments, the other ones were not doing the trick anymore. i went from a size 48(sports bra) to a size 44 now they are holding up every thing back right and tight! and they are so darn comfortable at all
well will we see how this 2nd fill turns out on Christmas but for now it'll be back to liquids until then. i did lose another 3lbs but it's those same damn 2-3lbs I've been going back and forth with for about 2 weeks now, so hopefully they are gone for good now and i can add something to that.

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