Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1st Fill

So i made it through Thanksgiving with out gaining any weight...wow it was close, i even lost 2lbs. me taking off my shoes must of been the 2lbs, but it is what it is and I'll take that 2lb lost. i had my very first fill yesterday and despite what i thought i would experience or what i heard about it, it actually went very smooth. I'm really blessed to have a great doctor, it maybe took all of 5mins and was not painful at all. i did feel the feeling in my chest and was able to let him know when it was too tight, i think i have a good restriction. I'm on liquids for 48hrs and then after that I'll have to test it out with food and see and experience what everyone else talks about. it's time to talk the talk and walk the walk now. I'm very excited and motivated now, I'm ready to make that scale move again the way it did before. although I'll take slow and steady, I'll even take a stand still as long as it doesn't go back up too much I'll be satisfied . so i have 1.9cc in a 14cc band and i go back for my next fill after Christmas. One thing I'm excited about but was not ready for was my all of my pants falling off me, that is still a shock to me even now. i have an outfit that i was planning to wear for Christmas but now I'm not sure if it will even stay up on me! wow i wasn't prepared to go shopping for clothes right now, especially with my weight not being stable and will probably change again in another month. Amazing !

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