Monday, December 8, 2008

Slow N Steady !

It's been 1 Month, 2 Weeks, and 2 Days since surgery and i am finding out all about that Slow N Steady thing, or at least i think i do! although i have not had anything get stuck yet i do still need to work on my chewing speed. it seems that my band has loosened up since i first had it filled, i find myself getting more down. i did'nt think i would need another fill this soon but i guess i don't know much epecially since i don't feel like i've lost much weight since the 1st fill.So that's why i leave it up to the Doctors huh! So my next fill may be 12-29-08(my next Dr. Apt). It must be in inches, which is also good. i'll take inches,lbs,ounces, what well i finally went through my closet and pulled out all those clothes that i thought i would get back to but have'nt. and now they will be too big even if i did get back to them. it was hard letting them go although i'm not sure why i kept them, so type of comfort they gave my closet i guess. being that most overweight people purchase their clothes a little bigger than their actual size, i'm now left with clothes that are huge. i never really knew that 30lbs would make such a big difference in the way my clothes fit me. a little too big is okay but not huge because then i'll really look sloppy. so now i have to figure out what size i am this month and decide on if i want to wait or should i just start buying new clothes to get me through right now ???

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Nola said...

Love your blog! the new clothes!!! It will keep your spirits up:)