Monday, December 15, 2008

Keeping The Faith !


So it's been 2 weeks since my 1st fill and just when i was ready to say i need another fill something changed with my band. I've been trying to get the feel for this thing and at least try to learn it, although i know it's going to change at times. I'm going about my normal day as i usually do and i have a protein shake at 8am for my morning break as i have many times before. it usually keeps me full up until around lunch time so i also brought a lunch to work, but to my surprise i was still full (as a tick)at lunch time and past lunch time. i was not hungry so i tried to at least drink something and remained full through out the entire day until around 5pm. i was so shocked and don't understand what happen, i felt like i was able to drink more of the protein shake but what i did drink kept me full the entire day. i also wasn't hungry the next day until around noon time ! i have my next Dr.Apt 12-29 and felt like i should wait until that date before requesting another fill. that will give me time to figure out what this band is doing and how much of my eating schedule has changed. I'm slowly getting over these learning steps as i go and still feel pretty damn good about being banded. i have faith and believe in myself that I'll get the lbs moving again. it took years to pack them on so i know they are not going any where in a months time !!

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Nina's Journey said...

Thanks for the support. It is VERY MUCH appreciated. Now I can follow you too. You are very inspiring.