Friday, December 5, 2008

I Can Do It !

Well I'm making it through this 1 day at a time, it still blows me away at how much or should i say how less of food it takes to make me feel full. it's almost as if my mind is saying you're full but my eyes can't believe it. i must say it's amazing and i love it, everyday i really appreciate it more and more. i really wish i would of had this done years ago! i would have never thought that i would be able to put on my pants with them already buttoned and zipped up. it's so different and really an adjustment in size, i feel like i have a good work-out plan and really feel great when i leave the gym. i feel like a Biggest Loser Contestant doing a last minute work-out ! they are a tru inpiration to me and gives me hope that my body(skin) will also bounce back !


I'm Working It Out !

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