Sunday, November 9, 2008

Support Group ???

It's about 2 weeks post op and everything seem to be going okay. I'm down a total of 28lbs despite the hard days where i have cheated, and what i mean by cheating is moving myself up to mushies before the Dr. or the paper say i should be on mushies. the swelling is down or gone and the hunger pains are there, so I've had low fat yogurt, cheese, grits and eggs,etc. but i still don't think it's bad. not to make excuses but compared to some of the stories I've heard about not even having to do a liquid diet post -op, it's not bad at all ! i went to my very first support group meeting yesterday and I'm still trying to decide if it's for me or if it will help me at all. it definitely was not what i expected because they did not talk about the everyday issues of a bandster, but instead went over an article about what's in front of you and what do you feel and see? yeah i was like wow,are you serious ? but unlike some people i did stay to at least give it a chance. i will go to one more that is supposedly different and then i will make my decision on it ! i don't think i need the whole counseling session, I've already figured out why i eat (out of boredom)and really thought i was going to hear about every body's ups and downs or their stories. and although i felt the warm feeling of support from the group and could relate to what they had been through and knew they could to what i have been through , it just wasn't talked about.

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