Monday, April 20, 2009

Sasha Is Fierce

hello all, i know it's been awhile since i was last here but I've been doing fine or okay lately. it's coming up on my 6months Band-A-Versary on the 24Th of this month, and hopefully I'm down under the 240 mark. numbers have usually been working well for me so let's hope this one does also. If so i will be doing "The Stanky Leg" all the way to the (for those who have not saw this dance please google it. other than that i wanted to touch on the subject of "Things Getting Stuck". CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE AND TAKE A PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE !!

okay, now returning to our regularly scheduled let's just say that i have heard many stories about those who have had things get stuck, and have heard all about the pain, remedies, and all that. OMG let me tell you, that is nothing, I MEAN NOTHING until it has happen to you!! when i say Miss Sasha was Fierce Today, she(my band) cut up on me. now we all know that we can't eat and talk at the same time, and i was doing very good with just concentrating on my eating. yes i have had things get stuck before but they worked themselves down and it was not as bad. well today someone (not saying any names) was trying to ask me a question while i was eating. and i guess you pretty much know the rest huh! for those who have not experienced this, well let me tell you. i got this awful stuck feeling, that beating my chest did nothing to so i got up and made my way to the restroom because it quickly had that "it's not going to be okay" type of feeling to the situation. and i know every one's initial reaction to this would be to take a sip of water. but that only applies to people who are not Bandsters, that rule no longer applies to us. it's 1 of the BIGGEST NO, NO EVER !. so to make a long story short it was a Grand Opening and Grand Closing on Lunch in a short period of time. oh yes, no sooner than i made it to the restroom it came up and out. something i was trying to keep low key with and not get anyone alarmed or concerned and trying to clear my airway. that would of been a long reach imagine that, me trying to shoo them away from me so i can throw up. whew I'd rather not..lmao
and last but not least i wanted to know if anyone have heard of skinnywater ? my friend gurl e-mailed me something on it and it looks interesting enough to try. you can check it our yourself if you'd like @ or let me know if you already have.



T. Michelle said...

GURL...that PB-ing aint no joke! I will quickly end your meals for the rest of the day! lol! I have been doing it quite often lately since my band is getting so tight. I am up to 7.2cc's in my 10cc band now. I know exactly the feeling you are describing!

Skinny water is pretty good...I am actually drinking some now. I saw it at Target last week and decided to try it. But why does diet food or "healthy" food/drinks have to cost so much?

madelaine said...

I love reading your blog- thanks so much for writing it. I relate to your journey and am so glad when I see a new post- they're inspiring!

Keep 'em coming!