Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 10 Liquid Diet/Surgery Friday !

Wow it's day 10 of the liquid diet with Friday being the day i go in. i really don't think it has hit me yet and although i have saw several before and after pictures, i still can't get my head around the fact that that's going to be ME also SOON ! I'm just ready to go through it and start this journey, i really wish i could fast forward it to maybe 3months post-op. that will be a nice spot to be at, or at least i think so. all the band aids are off,no more gas pains, you're back to work, have worked your way up past mushies and have probably had several fills by now. okay let me snap back to reality well the optifast isn't bad it taste like a shake, it's just those darn urges to have some meat or something. i've already detached myself from food and as long as my stomach don't growl I'm GOOD ! I've started back at the gym and can do an hour there easily between the treadmill,bike and weights. i think that takes my mind off of food the most, just staying busy and away from the TV. i think I'm strong enough to sit around people eating and smell food and pass it up. hell at this point my body has been without carbs and sugar for this long until it'll only make me sick anyways and i still won't be satisfied.

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