Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 5 Liquid Diet

Well it's Day 5 of the Liquid Diet and it's getting better as it goes along. but there is nothing, i repeat NOTHING that will stop the urge or craving from wanting food, meat or something, anything. it's better for me at work because my mind is busy and at my break and lunch times i quickly leave the building (so i won't smell other employees heating up their food in the cafeteria) and i walk twice around the entire building and parking lot. i even have a walk buddy that makes it easier also. i did cheat yesterday and had a can of chicken noodle soup, my i must be honest and say i never thought it taste so good. i just hope i didn't mess up anything and my liver will be shrunk by surgery date. i felt like if i was going to cheat with something that wasn't that bad being that it wasn't a full meal or a heavy one. so we are coming to the hardest part of the week, the weekend ! i was told not to do a full,hard down workout while on Optifast because i don't really have fuel in me and may pass out.

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