Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally !!!!

Tomorrow is My Big Day and The anticipation has finally caught up with me and set in. i will be reporting to Palms of Pasadena @ 7:30 and Surgery is scheduled for around 10am. for the most part it's the last minute run around and making sure all paperwork was fax to whom ever it was suppose to reach by now, is driving me crazy more than anything. I don't feel like i should have to check behind people , but i guess if i want it covered and want to get paid while I'm out i gotta do it ! So Far I'm down 11lbs (woo-hooo) GO ME and couldn't of been happier with just that alone. I've never loss 11lbs in 12 days ever , and then to think that it will be staying off with more to come behind it is just fabulous i tell you !! well my bags are packed and i have all my gear for when i get home. I've picked up all meds. and took out all my piercings(including my facial two). I've meet with the surgeon and asked all my questions and to my surprise i will also be getting this keloid removed from my ear !! i asked if he could inject steroids into my incision to reduce the chance of them growing . and also asked in a joking manner can he remove the one from my ear while i was under and he said YES !! oh wow this is gonna be soooooooooo emotional. I'm getting the NEW -NEW for real !

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