Wednesday, February 25, 2009

4 Month Band Versary

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The 24Th marked the 4Th month since i had my Lap-Band, I'm getting ready to have my 4Th fill/ adjustment on Monday. i have had some things get stuck recently and that was a very painful experience, but it was my fault for biting off more than i can chew up ! All in all I'm absolutely in love with my Band and would do it all over again in a minute. I'm still going steady with my work out and will have my weights after i weigh in next week. it's so discouraging to get on the scale every time i see one being that my weight changes(to me) a few times through out that week. I'm also thinking about trying out some Slim-Fast and adding that as a variety instead of my protein shakes. The liquid diet is what gave me the most weight loss and i feel the need to return to it somewhat to give me another jump start.

I'm not sure if my blogs are showing up correctly, when i view them i don't see anything on the right side of my page. so if anyone out there reading this still see the pictures on my right side of my page, please let me know ! until then everybody keep up the fight and keep it moving ! HEY IT'S MY SHORTEST BLOG EVER...LOL

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Anonymous said...

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T. Michelle said...

Hey girl! I'm finally getting around to checking in! I feel you 100%! I STILL make fat girl choices as well like that fried pork chop, mac and cheese and collard greens that I ate last nite only to wake up and have gained 1.2 pounds! I was sick I tell ya!! SICK! only because of the weight gain tho. I wish I could just get that stuff out of my system! I need to get back on a liquid diet as well...I'm just not seeing the pounds lost that I want to see so I am heading to the nutritionist tomorrow to see if she can tell me something to jump start my metabo again. Well...I'm glad you're posting again! Later!!