Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change Ave

So as i continue on this "Tour With The Band" we are currently in The State Of Change and that's in more ways than one. i mean who would of ever believed that we can have a African American for President? it seemed a dream so far away from current society. I'm very proud to be an American, elated to be an African American and blessed to be alive to see this change take place and feel very inspired to see this Dream Come True. Just Touching, very Touching
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ENCOURAGING WORD OR THE DAY : Changing The Face Can "Change" Nothing, But "FACING" The Change Can Change "EVERYTHING".

So i go in for my 3rd fill on Monday and still felt pretty good about my progress but just feel i need to step it up a bit. i received 1.2cc which makes a total of 4.4cc ( i believe), so it's back to 48hrs liquid for me, which makes breakfast and lunch so easy to pack now. it's the afternoons that are so challenging because i really get hungry and the liquids no longer cut it! I'm still down 31(lbs) from last Tuesday and proud i kept that off because the model walks have been hard to get in with the weather(cold) now. All in all I'm satisfied and content with everything still.
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Since we are in The State Of Changes i stopped in to the closet of my friend Taega(had Gastric Bypass a few years back)who had tons of clothes for me to go through. and in doing so i have pleasingly discovered that i am now in a size 18 pants...WOW, WOW, WOW. i went from a size 26,24,22 to a size 18. you have no idea how good i feel in the inside right now! talking about a change, now that's a change. so I'm very appreciative of that because they were well needed and will be put in motion soon. and for the clothes that i took that i will fit into later felt weird taking. you always have clothes that you wish you can get back into one day, but to know that you WILL actually get there is weird. another dream come true.

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