Friday, January 9, 2009

On Tour With The Band

I think the best way to describe This Journey I'm on is just to say that i am "On Tour With The Band" and with that every month that passes by is almost like touring through a different City or State. It has been like an emotional roller coaster at times taking you in different directions and different state of minds and this is really only the beginning of the Tour. Never The Less I Have No regrets i have strapped on my seat belt and prepared to hold on tight for the ride, I'm anxious to see what states i will be visiting this year..


So Far I Have The Following Tour Dates :

* 10-10-08 - State Of Determination,(279lbs) i picked up the Optifast and Celebrated my Birthday That Night!

* 10-24-08 - State Of Anxious ,(268lbs) I've lost 11lbs from the Liquid Diet and feeling more ready than ever to get this done.

* 11-4-08 - State Of Amusement, (257lbs) It's 1 week after Surgery and I'm feeling well with no more pain.

* 11-10-08 - State Of Confidence,(252lbs) I'm Doing Well with the liquids despite some very challenging and ruff days, and just ready for it to be over already! Enough is Enough!

*11-14-08 - State Of Shock, (257lbs) Went to a friends Bar-B-Que and should of brought along my own mushes...WOW ! i know all about moving too fast now, So that's why they have stages

* 12-1-08 - State Of Adjustment, (255lbs) I managed to get off two of the 5lbs i gained back and made it through Bandster Hell Okay. Now it's time for my 1st Fill. 1.9cc in my 14cc band.

* 12-16-08 - State Of Nutrition, (252lbs)I have a Visit with the nutritionist at my work place to get some idea on low calorie,low carb foods. some tips on protein and to check out all her free

*12-22-08 - State Of Confusion, (253lbs) I'm going in for my 2ND fill and wanted to make sure it was done before Christmas( 3.2cc). but can't figure out what i have been doing wrong and why i haven't lost any more weight lately ??? just when i think I'm learning my band it changes.

* 1-09-09 - The State Of Strength as i go in for my 3rd fill on 1-19-09 and hope that i have lost more weight and hopefully will get down under 250 soon. I've changed up my exercise routine and continue to walk more instead of concentrating on weights to control the flab(UGH). i think i turned fat into muscle and mass weights more, that's just one idea i have but who knows what it could be. i have not been back on the scale due to being afraid of what it will say, i just chose to keep pushing and hope it pays off soon.

So i will continue to Rock On and keep you posted , who knows maybe i will be traveling through a State or City that you are familiar with!

WORD OF THE DAY : You Never Know How Strong Your Are Until Being Strong Is Your Only Option!

Rock On !

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Tracey said...

can i be your roadie? **giggles**

Seriously, well done, great achievements so far. I love following your journey.