Monday, January 5, 2009

A Change Is Coming


Welcome To 2009 everybody, and hopefully it has gotten off to a good start for you. my Holidays were good and I'm hoping The New Year bring great things for me. I didn't make any RESOLUTIONS because i never keep them, and to me they are just as worst as you always mess then up and try to start over the next day. Right now i feel like I'm stuck and my weight lost has either slowed down drastically or came to a complete halt. which means either 1 of 2 things, i need to get my 3rd fill (Jan. 19th) or i need to exercise every day instead of every other day. it's starting to get very frustrating seeing others who have had surgery around the same time as me being at 40lbs lost and I'm stuck at the same 28- 29lbs. Although i know everybody is different and will lose at a different rate I'm ready to be different also. Okay a light bulb has just went off in my head and i also think that i am being too aggressive with the weights at the gym, and from what everybody is telling me I'm turning fat into muscle and mass weigh more. i have a HUGE fear that when i lose the weight my body will not bounce back and i will be left with an entirely different issue with my body. I've been told that i should just walk right now and worry about toning later, but once again i feel the need to be aggressive with it. I appreciate all the positive comments and the "You're doing Good" feed back that i get from all my supporters, but i feel the need to be aggressive with this and not get comfortable and start to relax with it. i think the Slow N Steady has gotten on my nerves and I'm ready for a big change or at least a steady change. so right now things that i plan on changing or implementing into my daily life :

* Always Put My Self First

* Smile More(I'm Always In My Own World Thinking About Something and Seem to Have Weird Face Expressions)

* Keep My Head Up When Walking( i always look down at the ground)

* Go Out More (Can't Find Anyone, If They Don't Know I Exist)

* Maintain A Healthy Balance Between Work And Play

* Just Be A Better Person All Together (I'm Not A Morning Person(UGHH) and Remain Quiet Around People At Work Until After 8am(when my brain is working properly)

Encouraging Word for Today is :
I'D RATHER FAIL IN ORIGINALITY THAN TO SUCCEED IN IMAGINATION. meaning it is what it is and i'd rather FACE the facts and be REAL and ACCEPT things for what they are, instead of trying to FOOL myself for the feeling of COMFORT and not wanting to CONFRONT the issue.
Changing Butterfly

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